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In 2015, ALD Vacuum Technologies approached us to develop a customized ordering system for spare parts and consumables for their custom ALD vacuum furnaces. The main goal was to seamlessly integrate sales-relevant processes through the development of a B2B portal. With our comprehensive service offering, covering project management, conceptualization, development, and support, we were ready to effectively meet ALD's requirements.

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The Project

Our focus was on digitizing ALD's spare parts distribution and optimizing the sale of spare parts, as well as significantly reducing lead times for quotes and orders. A key aspect was the development of a SAP-integrated B2B eCommerce solution, enabling ALD to offer and sell their custom products directly through the system. This innovative platform not only revolutionized the trading process but also facilitated efficient customer interaction and retention. Additionally, a notable feature of the project was the implementation of categories with live bill of materials resolution directly from the SAP system. This integration allowed for seamless order processing and optimized resource utilization for ALD.

Sandra Mueller · Business Development and Global Coordination

"The collaboration with 426 has been a great success for ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH. Thanks to the SAP-integrated B2B eCommerce solution, we were able to digitize and streamline our spare parts distribution. The seamless integration and simplification of the ordering process have significantly increased our customer satisfaction. We thank 426 for the excellent collaboration and look forward to future projects."




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ALD Vacuum Technologies

ALD Vacuum Technologies is a global leader in the manufacturing of vacuum technology systems for metallurgy and heat treatment. With approximately 900 employees across 10 countries, ALD Vacuum Technologies is a leading provider of equipment and systems for the thermal and thermochemical treatment of metallic materials in solid and liquid forms within the steel industry. The company's portfolio ranges from deep expertise in vacuum process technology to the development of tailored system solutions for use in this field.

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