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Optimise your sales & boost your revenue with a B2B shop

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B2B success: user-friendly, efficient, individual

We are familiar with the challenges associated with B2B e-commerce. With the aim of optimising processes, we accompany your digitalisation process and develop the ideal digital solution for your business model. It is important to us to plan user-friendly ordering processes with you and to include complex customer data and individual pricing, in order to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency on both sides.

In order to fully exploit the potential of B2B e-commerce, careful preparations and an extensive planning process are necessary. That is why we reliably assist you in every step up to the launch of your individual shop. We take care of the standardisation of the sales process through ERP, CRM and PIM connection. The collection of detailed user data also supports the strategic development of your company.

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Unlocking new opportunities through B2B e-commerce

The development of B2B e-commerce takes more time compared to the B2C sector: requirements are more complex, agreements with customers are individualized, and sales processes are well-established. However, the online business presents significant opportunities, both for existing customers and for accessing new international markets.

Existing customers

  • Offering a digital platform with service functionalities
  • Increasing customer loyalty 
  • Optimizing internal processes and reducing costs
  • Automating order processing
  • Providing real-time individual prices and availabilities

New customers

  • Internationalisation & scalability: easier and faster addressing
  • Efficient design of the initial contact
  • Cost-effective presentation of the comprehensive product range
  • Launch targeted campaigns

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Process optimisation due to:

Time Saving

Enable your customers to make purchase outside business hours!

More user-friendly ordering processes

Offer your customers pleasant shopping experiences without annoying order forms.

Improved transactions

Simpler, faster, less error-prone and more convenient transactions.

Improved product information

The aim is to optimise shopping experiences by providing detailed and accurate product information.

_Requirements of a B2B Portal

Essential product data and information such as texts, CAD drawings, manuals, and variant management must always be accessible to customers. To efficiently manage data maintenance efforts, good connectivity and centralized control of data-transmitting systems are crucial. An integrated ERP system within the customer portal ensures the display of more individualized products or current availabilities. Customers can easily determine this information themselves before placing an order. In the future, product ranges will become more complex, and services will play an increasingly important role. Close integration of information will guide them in the right direction."

To create a unique value for your e-commerce presence, it is crucial to offer tailored offerings or streamline processes more efficiently. It is particularly effective to gather comprehensive information about your customers. This includes essential data such as delivery addresses, customer blocks, and previous orders, available in your ERP system, CRM, or customer portal. If a data record changes in one place, all other relevant records are automatically updated."

A significant difference from the B2C sector is that your customers do not primarily visit your dealer portal for the shopping experience. Your customers are experts in their field and want to place orders effortlessly. Therefore, provide quick entry options for material numbers, easy reordering capabilities (including offline orders), and an upload option for custom order lists. These are automatically processed in the ERP system. This not only provides benefits for your customers but also relieves your staff, allowing you to deploy valuable sales resources effectively.

In the B2B sector, there are typically at least two pricing structures: the list price and individual conditions. Negotiated discount tiers, defined budgets, material surcharges, and marketing promotions add to the complexity of pricing. In our integrated dealer portals, you have centralized control over these aspects directly from your ERP system. You can maintain the relevant data in one place, and they are automatically kept up-to-date in all systems. The management of complex, global shipping costs is also possible in your ERP system and is transparently presented to your customers before placing an order.

The execution of B2B deals often spans globally and involves significant effort. A digital dealer platform, connected to the ERP systems of all subsidiary companies through automated processes, significantly facilitates workflows

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Our certified OXID developers have extensive experience in implementing B2B projects. We are experts in designing complex B2B projects and have developed standard solutions for challenges faced by many companies. We adapt these solutions flexibly to your existing processes or create tailored, innovative solutions based on your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide consulting services to assist you in optimizing your company's processes and systems for online business preparation.

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Over the past few years, our team has worked on more than 500 Shopware projects. We have developed over 600 plugins, many of which are available in the official store. We provide comprehensive Shopware support from the idea to the realization of your project, and we also make modifications to existing shops. With years of programming experience, we have achieved the status of a Shopware Technology and Gold Partner

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