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As technical partner of the renowned Bauer Media Group, we are proud to have worked on an exciting project. Our focus was on taking over and continuously enhancing their online shop, Our successful collaboration began in 2022, during which we provided consulting services to the company and supported the implementation of their digital strategy.

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The Project

Our journey began with the takeover of the online shop. Our task was to make continuous improvements and adjustments, including the implementation of features and technologies to optimize the user experience. A crucial step was the development of a seamless interface with a fulfilment service provider, that takes care of the logistics. This enabled the efficient processing of orders and ensured that customers received their products smoothly.



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Bauer Media Group

The Bauer Media Group is not only Europe's largest magazine publisher but also ranks among the leading media houses worldwide. With their popular magazines, including well-known titles such as Bravo and Cosmopolitan, they captivate people around the globe. As a technical partner of a publicly traded company like the Bauer Media Group, we bear a significant responsibility. We take pride in being responsible for the development and maintenance of the online shop. Our expertise and innovative know-how have enabled us to create a shop that fully meets the needs of both the company and its customers.

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