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At Berner International, the primary need was to establish an integrated online shop for the presentation and distribution of laboratory consumables, while also strategically positioning the safety workbench, the centrepiece among Berner International's products. In 2019, the client approached us with this clear objective. As a renowned software development company, we understand the unique needs of our clients and offer tailored solutions. Our team took on the full spectrum of project management, from conception to development and ongoing support. We specialize in developing innovative solutions that meet our clients' specific requirements.

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The Project

Our aim was to alleviate the sales burden for Berner International while simultaneously increasing lead generation through the new shop. To achieve these objectives, we opted for an integrated shop solution leveraging OXID4ERP. Pimcore was utilized as the PIM system to complement the ERP data for the shop.

Key aspects of the project:

  • Integration with proAlpha ERP system: Seamless integration with the existing ERP system ensured efficient data management.
  • Utilization of VCMS for content pages: The use of VCMS is intended to empower our client to create appealing content pages and effectively present relevant information in the future.
We collaborated closely with Berner's team to ensure that the solution met all requirements and delivered measurable value.

Christin Liedtke B.Sc. - Marketing and LEAC Management

"As a leader in laboratory technology innovation, we strive to consistently advance our innovative capabilities across all aspects of our company. This includes the user experience in our online shop. With 426, we have found the ideal partner who meets our high standards for our digital presence and supports us in creating a next-generation platform."




Discover the ultimate e-commerce experience with Oxid's cutting-edge Shop-Technology. OXID4ERP, our comprehensive B2B portal solution, goes beyond typical product offerings. It provides a fully integrated platform by seamlessly connecting with ERP-System. The OXID Enterprise webshop boasts superior performance and pre-built components, fostering a dynamic synergy between e-commerce and ERP-systems. Unlock exceptional opportunities for your business and elevate your enterprise with Technology Oxid's specialized expertise.


Pimcore's PIM system excels in its flexibility and rich feature set. This central platform streamlines the management of product information, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Its smooth integration with existing systems reduces errors and enhances productivity. Offering user-friendly interfaces, robust capabilities such as versioning, and efficient workflow management, Pimcore is an ideal solution for businesses aiming for organized and effective product information sharing.


For over 40 years, Berner International GmbH has been a competent partner in pharmaceutical and biotechnological containment systems. As a family-owned company based in the northernmost state of Germany, the company employs more than 130 employees. In addition to its core competence in manufacturing safety workbenches "made in Germany," Berner International has also specialized in personal protective equipment, consumables, and training offered through its in-house training center, LEAC (Lab Excellence Academy).

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