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In 2023, Digital1A approached us, seeking a reliable partner who understands and meets their individual requirements in the E-commerce sector. A look at our successful collaboration with and illustrates that we not only provide technical services but also ensure comprehensive support and ongoing development.

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The Project

When we took over, the objective was clear – to create an online store for consumer electronics and smart solutions that is not only modern and appealing but also functions seamlessly. The client approached us with the desire for a collaborative partnership, where we not only tackle technical challenges but also proactively provide solutions for the strategic development of their online shops. Assisting in the migration of Technishop from Magento 2 to Shopware 6 and the major update of from 6.4 to 6.5 were milestones in our collaboration. However, our technical partnership focused not only on the migration itself but also on enhancing the performance and functionality of the online store. Our customized deployment pipelines are an example of our proactive approach. By optimizing deployment processes, our clients not only save time but also valuable resources. This allows them to fully concentrate on the strategic development of their online store, while we, as a technical partner, seamlessly manage the technical aspects.

Benjamin Apelt · E-Commerce Manager Sales

"The collaboration with 426 is exactly how it should be between a shop owner and an e-commerce agency: collaborative, goal-oriented, and flexible. 426 always listens to us attentively and has clever solutions ready to be implemented quickly and effortlessly."



Shopware 6

Crafting cutting-edge online stores demands advanced technical expertise. 426 is your solution to surmounting this challenge. Our rapid learning approach, adaptable software developers, and extensive experience in handling multilingual projects play pivotal roles in advancing and enhancing your e-commerce platform. We boast an extensive portfolio of programming projects spanning numerous years, earning us the esteemed accolades of Shopware Gold and Shopware Technology Partner.

Digital1A is not just an online store; it is the prime destination for high-quality products from TechniSat, Nordmende, Techinox Grills, and Cooper Bikes at extremely attractive prices. 426 is proud to take on the responsibility as a technical partner for the care and advancement of this successful online store. We rely on innovation to ensure that E-commerce platforms surpass the expectations of customers and secure their path to long-term success.

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