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In 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and at the height of eCommerce expansion, the company was looking for a technical partner who could develop a shop plugin that would enhance the entire fulfilment process. Our goal was to link eCommerce with FineCom services, keeping the order list organised and up-to-date, and synchronising EAN codes and stock information.

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The Project

The still ongoing collaboration with 426 made it possible to develop a software capable of managing all the steps and processes behind the purchase of a product in eCommerce. An app for Shopify and a plugin for Shopware were developed. The integration ensures the transfer of product data, based on EAN codes, and order data to the various FineCom services. Thanks to a simplified and intuitive interface (developed specifically for this purpose), it is possible to transfer shipping information, returns and stock changes to shops while keeping the two systems synchronised.



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Creating webshops demands a significant degree of technical proficiency. This is precisely the challenge that 426 is adept at surmounting: a rapid learning curve, adaptable software developers, and, importantly, a track record in handling multilingual ventures facilitate the establishment and growth of your e-commerce platform. Over many years of diverse programming endeavors, we've garnered the esteemed Shopware Gold & Shopware Technology Partner status, enabling us to assume vital responsibilities in shaping your bespoke online enterprise.


The 426 team has created a versatile and efficient system (operating as SaaS on Shopify) to facilitate seamless communication across platforms. This system includes the incorporation of multiple automated processes and the integration of security measures and error checks. In the event of any issues with order data transmission, customers are promptly notified. Furthermore, it offers the option to initiate order submissions as needed. With automatic synchronization occurring every hour, the store's order information remains consistently current.

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FineCom Logistics, a company specialising in textile finishing, eCommerce fulfilment and logistics, has been providing a wide range of integrated services and tailor-made concepts for various industries for over 25 years. 

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