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B2B eCommerce for industrial sectors: Customer portal with real-time processes from the SAP® System

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Framo Morat was seeking a solution to make their high-quality worm gear sets accessible online. In our customized B2B retailer portal, based on the SAP-integrated eCommerce solution OXID4SAP, we met their requirements with a comprehensive service offering. Fast article entry, convenient search functionality, real-time availability checks, individual discounts, and flexible delivery options reflect the three central customer desires: detailed product information, efficient processes, and maximum convenience.

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The Project

Our focus was not only on creating a B2B portal but also ensuring seamless integration with the SAP system. In the shop, the product structure in tabular format of the print catalogue is presented interactively and clearly, allowing customers to see the entire range of a product group. They can easily compare products, and each wheel associated with a worm is displayed directly, even though both parts belong to different product groups in the SAP system.

Availability checks and orders are initiated directly from the table. Framo Morat utilizes various presentation formats such as images, drawings, texts, and tables to provide detailed information about the products. 3D models and CAD data can be accessed through a dynamic link on Traceparts, a component library for mechanical engineering. Additional information about the products is available in a modal window that opens with a click above the tabular overview.

Non-logged-in visitors to the online shop see selected list prices for common quantities for each product. Customers with login credentials can view more detailed list prices . In the order simulation, these list prices are replaced by pre-negotiated, customer-specific prices. Some products in the shop are made of copper, and a daily material surcharge is applied during sales. The surcharge amount is centrally maintained by the Framo Morat team in the SAP system to eliminate discrepancies between the invoice amount in the shop and in the ERP system.



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Framo Morat

Framo Morat is a globally operating manufacturer of high-quality drive solutions for various industrial sectors. The company, based in the Black Forest region, specializes in gear technology, with a core competence in gearwheel systems. Framo Morat is recognized as one of the leading providers in Europe, particularly in the realm of worm gear sets.

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