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In 2021, Marseiler came to 426 to have an intuitive B2B shop created with customised options that would allow customers to purchase products quickly and easily. Our task was to create a customised shopping experience by linking data between ERP and Shopware 6.

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The Project

Our development team began by installing Shopware 6, setting up the menu, categories and homepage, and linking the site to the company's newsletter. The goal was to implement all the client's requested customisations, especially when linking ERP and Shopware data. Furthermore, additional plugins were installed for more convenience, and customised payment methods were configured for secure shopping. A registration form for new customers was created on the login page. To ensure that customers can quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for, we also adapted the product detail pages (PDPs). The PDPs have been optimised and enriched with features that allow customisation of the products. Another unique feature of this shop are the cross-selling areas on the detail page, which can dynamically suggest products in the same category.


Shopware 6

Developing online shops with the latest technologies requires a high level of technical know-how. 426 helps you overcome this hurdle: A fast learning process, flexible software developers and, above all, a lot of experience with multilingual projects contribute to the development and expansion of your e-commerce platform. With a wealth of programming projects spanning many years, we have achieved the prestigious ranks of Shopware Gold & Shopware Technology Partner.

Marseiler - Hotel and gastronomoy products

For over 50 years, Marseiler has been known for excellence and professionalism in the hotel and restaurant world. Its commitment to quality, innovation and creativity has made the company one of the most renowned suppliers of specific products for hotels and restaurants.

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