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In 2020, Molino Merano entrusted our team of developers with the task of relaunching the company’s website. The idea was to create a unique and functional store that would work efficiently both for the B2B channel with bakery professionals and for the B2C channel with end consumers in Italy and abroad. The recipe for success: a single e-commerce platform to manage multiple sales channels.

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The Project

After an analysis and development period, we implemented Shopware 6 to combine functionality with flexibility. The platform has also been updated in terms of graphics and is now intuitive and user-friendly. On the B2B platform, we made it possible to offer special conditions for regular customers and give new customers the opportunity to register and buy directly. We also completely redesigned the interface and connected it to the ERP software to manage data of customers, products, orders and more.



Shopware 6

Shopware 6 - Eager to stay current with cutting-edge technology? Just like operating systems, the shopping system undergoes updates with each new version, incorporating fresh features, designs, and enhanced security measures. That's why we recommend considering the implementation of a significant upgrade.

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Meraner Mühle

The Molino Merano brand was founded in 1985 in Ansbach, Bavaria. The passion for high quality wheat characterizes the work of this mill, which attaches importance to combining traditional principles with a future-oriented production. The product range includes innovative baking mixes and baked goods enriched with aromatic sourdough. The company has always invested in state-of-the-art equipment. One example is the specially equipped microbiological laboratory, where the development of the yeast is carefully monitored and controlled. 

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