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Mila entrusted us with the development of a tailored B2B shop for selected clients. Our objective was to create an user-friendly B2B shop based on Shopware 6, streamlining the product ordering process for Mila's customers while optimizing order management.

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The Project

Our initial task involved setting up an online shop for business customers (B2B shop). To facilitate seamless information exchange between the B2B shop and Mila's ERP system, we developed an interface. This SAP integration enables a smooth exchange of product and customer information, order details, and the export of order summaries. To maximize user-friendliness, we tailored the design of the B2B shop according to the customer's corporate identity. The integration of a customized subscription system allows customers to plan their deliveries individually and automatically generate orders on their preferences. Our innovative barcode scan function significantly simplifies the shopping process, as products can be easily added by scanning. Additionally, we established customer-specific order rules. Customers can only place orders until a specific time and on certain days, ensuring optimal alignment with individual customer needs. Furthermore, in the B2B shop, customers only see products assigned to them, providing a personalized and efficient shopping experience.

Mila's experience with 426

"The collaboration with the 426 team was highly professional and goal-oriented. The new B2B shop has been well-received by our customers and has played a crucial role in streamlining both our production and logistics processes. The team accommodated our specific requirements, and we are committed to continually enhancing the portal. Our special requests were addressed, and we value the ongoing improvement of the platform."



Shopware 6

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Mila - Cow - milk - South Tyrol

Mila is the largest dairy cooperative in South Tyrol, comprising 2,200 mountain farmers and 470 dedicated employees. The cooperative's primary objective is to sustain mountain farming and dairy production in South Tyrol while manufacturing high-quality products. For over 60 years, Mila has distinguished itself through a diverse product range, all crafted from 100% South Tyrolean milk.

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