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Digital revolution on two wheels: new b2c shop for the online sale of new and reconditioned bicycles

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After opening several bike rental stores, Papin Sport decided in 2021 to create a bike shop for private customers and to involve the 426 team in the development of the B2C e-commerce platform. After the briefing, we worked on all the development phases with the aim of creating a flexible and easy-to-manage online shop. We were responsible for the creation of a Pickup Store management system.

_the Project

The Project

After installing Shopware, we started with the basic services, selected the theme and refined the design. Then we established the structure of the website by defining the menu, the categories and the various pages that make up the site. Each implementation was done with great agility and transparency towards our customer, who participated in each development cycle by providing support and information. As a next step, we automated the management of shipments with Shopware by configuring the different payment method. We developed also a management system for pickup stores. Finally, we created functional showcases and summarised various information to allow customers to see the refurbished bikes directly in the shop.



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Are you eager to stay abreast of the latest technology trends? Just like operating systems receive updates with each new release, our shopping system also experiences enhancements, introducing fresh features, designs, and improved security measures. As a result, we recommend considering a significant upgrade. Harness the power of digital technology: discover new markets and attract more customers through a high-performing online sales platform.

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Papin Sport

The journey of 426 goes on. This time, our crew of motivated developers stops in San Candido, in the heart of the Dolomites. This is the place where the first Papin Sport store was opened in 1979. Papin Sport – a brand that soon became one of the leading bike rental companies in Italy and Europe. Over the years, the company has expanded its fleet of bicycles and with it the range of services offered, such as the so-called “Hotel Bike” designed especially for hotels and accommodation facilities. 

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