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In the Pircher Oberland, the art of processing this valuable material is passed down from generation to generation combining tradition, technology and respect for the environment. A few years ago the company decided to modernize its website technically and to develop a new online store for the sale of products to businesses and consumers.

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The Project

In order to upgrade the store and make it a powerful platform for B2B customers as well, in 2020 we started working on a modern system with several integrated solutions that should save time and costs. The company’s goal was to group and organize product information in a coherent way, define different levels of management and make it available on different distribution channels. For this reason we implemented PIM Akeneo for data management, which is connected to the interfaces of YUB Connect.



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Do you strive to stay current with the latest technological advancements? Similar to operating systems receiving updates with each new release, shopping systems also undergo continuous improvements, bringing forth new features, designs, and enhanced security measures. Hence, we recommend considering a significant upgrade. Harness the power of digital transformation: venture into new markets and draw a larger audience by leveraging a high-performance online sales channel.

Akeneo PIM

As Akeneo Bronze Partners, we specialize in providing customized PIM consulting services to ensure the efficient realization of your unique business concept. We recognize that each enterprise is distinct, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula for achieving success. Through close client collaboration and in-depth guidance, we collaboratively unlock the path to success.


YubConnect simplifies the management of all your connections within a unified platform, granting you complete control. Our expertise in interfacing spans various domains, including e-commerce, price comparison tools, sales channel platforms (like Amazon and eBay), inventory management systems, payment processes, applications, B2B partnerships, and tailor-made integrations and connections. With a diverse range of clients and projects, we have evolved into specialists in creating seamless interfaces.

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Pircher Oberland

Pircher can look back on 90 years of history. Nature, tradition, passion and a profound knowledge of wood are among the values that define the South Tyrolean company founded in Toblach (BZ). In this region, people have always had a particularly close relationship with wood as a means of living and working. 

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