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In 2023, Professional Body Supply approached us to develop a new online shop on the Shopware platform. They sought a reliable partner to successfully complete the project. Our task was not only to migrate the shop but also to implement the new design and ensure continuous development.

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The Project

Our project with Professional Body Supply involved several crucial steps. Firstly, we migrated the entire online shop from Magento to the modern Shopware 6 platform to establish a more stable and user-friendly foundation. The impressive range of Professional Body Supply, comprising over 10,000 premium products, was seamlessly integrated into the new shop and presented in a clear manner.

An appealing and user-friendly design was crucial to strengthen customer loyalty and enhance the user experience. Our team implemented a completely new design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. After the migration, redesign, and going live, we continue to ensure continuous development of the shop to remain up-to-date with the latest technology and meet the demands of the customers.



Shopware 6

Discover the advanced features of Shopware 6 and transform your e-commerce experience! This innovative platform provides the crucial tools to upgrade your online store. With its contemporary design, outstanding usability, and powerful functionality, Shopware 6 is the ideal choice for taking your digital storefront to the next level.

Professional Body Supply

For over a decade, Professional Body Supply has been the leading provider in Europe for products in the realms of tattoos, piercings, and permanent makeup. With an online megastore offering over 10,000 premium products, the company has earned an outstanding reputation.

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