Efficient solutions for the climate industry: SAP®-integrated webshop with PIM connection

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S-Klima aimed to provide its customers with a digital sales channel, as well as a digital service portal for downloads or order history. Our team of software developers was ready to fulfill these requirements. Our involvement covered the entire spectrum of project management, from conception to development and ongoing support.

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The Project

Our goal was not only to support S-Klima in relieving their sales team but also to open up new digital channels. With a holistic approach, we developed tailor-made solutions precisely tailored to S-Klima's needs. Through SAP integration, integration of the PIM system (Akeneo) and DAM system (Celum), as well as the implementation of Usercentrics for full data protection compliance and Factfinder for optimal product search and presentation, we created a robust digital infrastructure. A seamless connection between SAP, PIM, DAM and the e-commerce system was created using centralized middleware.

A central login system via Azure Active Directory B2C ensures user-friendly single sign-on for S-Klima's customers. Our continuous development in production and test environments ensures that the solutions are always up-to-date and meet S-Klima’s specific requirements.

With the launch, not only a B2B shop and a service portal for existing customers of S-Klima were introduced but also an informative platform for end consumers. This platform thus combines the requirements of B2B customers with the needs of end consumers who want to find out more about air conditioning units.

The results speak for themselves: a continuous increase in webshop orders, growing acceptance of the new sales channel, and a significant relief in order processing demonstrate the success of our solutions for S-Klima.

Approximately 1 1/2 years after the launch of the webshop, the next major project went live: the new spare parts shop for S-Klima, seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape. Today, we offer S-Klima not only a platform for over 2.000 new products and 7.000 spare parts but also a transparent and efficient solution that strengthens their customer loyalty and optimizes their processes.

Sabine Grillo, Digital Marketing Manager and Project Lead for the Webshop S-Klima

"Thanks to the extensive experience with SAP integration processes of our technical partner, we were able to launch a new webshop and a new PIM within 9 months, including SAP and DAM integration. This is a remarkable achievement, considering we set up all systems from scratch. Recently, our new spare parts shop went live, which 426 seamlessly integrated into the existing webshop and our system landscape. We, and our customers, are very satisfied with the results."




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Founded in 1947, Stulz GmbH is a leading provider of modern data center air conditioning. With a presence in over 140 countries and around 3,500 employees, the company operates globally. While the parent company specializes in energy-efficient temperature and humidity management technologies, the business unit for comfort climate and humidification systems, now known as S-Climate, has forged its own success story. As the exclusive distributor of premium climate systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Germany, S-Climate develops control and regulation solutions optimized for the German market, as well as specialized indoor units for even more economical, secure, and flexible operation of the systems.

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