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With 20 years of experience, OXID stands among the top performers, especially in the B2B segment. The formula for success? A time-tested, mature, and stable system that has proven itself among the giants. No time for teething troubles - with us, your shop runs without restrictions and with the reliability that our customers deserve.

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Affordable customisation in the digital space

OXID is not a rigid platform but a flexible system that grows with your business. Thanks to its modular design, extensions can be easily added, basic functionalities overwritten, or entirely replaced. OXID combines extensive standard features with easy customizability. Your shop should be unique, as unique as your company.

OXID Features

Seamless integration

The world of B2B e-commerce can sometimes seem quite complex. Determining customer-specific prices, real-time availability of items, displaying customized assortments, order creation, and mapping order history are just a few of the challenges. Therefore, it is crucial that B2B e-commerce solutions are not only developed but seamlessly integrated with existing ERP systems. This is where OXID comes into play – a comprehensive end-to-end solution with seamless connectivity to a variety of systems. Discover the future of B2B e-commerce with OXID!

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OXID4SAP is more than just a product; it is your comprehensive all-in-one solution for B2B portals with SAP integration. The OXID Enterprise webshop offers high-performance features and pre-built components for seamless integration. OXID4SAP – where e-commerce meets SAP and reaches new dimensions. Your business, our expertise, an unbeatable connection.

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The OXID4ERP approach goes beyond a simple shop integration and includes the seamless integration of various ERP systems. OXID4ERP is not just a product but rather a comprehensive end-to-end solution for B2B portals that can be integrated not only with SAP but also with other ERP systems.

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OXID: Your B2B portal - Your rules

OXID combines extensive standard features with easy customizability. Your B2B portal should be as unique as your company. From seamless integration to creating a distinctive shopping experience, OXID sets new standards. Here are just a few of the numerous functions and features that OXID offers you:

Standard B2B Features

Standard B2B features include live price calculation, order simulation, order history tracking, quick entry/list upload, order templates, availability checks, user-friendly order creation, individual product catalogs, multi-mandates, and cross-selling functions. These functionalities collectively enhance efficiency and facilitate seamless business transactions.

Extended B2B Features

Extended B2B features offer advanced functionalities for comprehensive business transactions, including approval processes, budget management, variant configuration, OCI interface for integration, single sign-on (SSO) for enhanced security, and Product Information Management (PIM) for efficient data handling. Together, these features create a robust and versatile B2B platform.

Any other external systems

The system supports seamless integration with external platforms, including payment and CRM integration, ensuring streamlined processes and efficient management of customer relationships. Additional integrations cater to diverse business needs, making the system adaptable to various external requirements.


The realization of retailer portals requires comprehensive technical expertise. This is precisely the challenge that we master at 426: Our certified OXID developers have many years of experience in implementing projects in the B2B sector, especially in mechanical engineering, industry, and trade. They not only enable the creation but also the subsequent development of your B2B portal. Our expertise extends to the requirements of complex B2B shops. We have developed solutions for the challenges that many companies face. We tailor these solutions to your processes or develop individual alternatives tailored to your specifications. In addition, we provide advice on which processes and systems can optimally prepare your business for online commerce.

The development of eCommerce in the B2B sector progresses more slowly compared to the B2C sector: requirements are more complex, agreements with customers are individual, and sales processes are well-established. Nevertheless, significant opportunities for access to new international markets open up in online business. Additionally, there is a growing demand from customers to be able to order online around the clock. To minimize the associated process costs, automated workflows are essential. By combining extensive standard features with easy customizability, projects with OXID can be quickly brought to market. These projects can then be agilely further developed according to market requirements.

Our webshop takeover service covers all technical aspects

  • Carry out security updates and check security
  • Optimise transfer speeds
  • Integrate interfaces to marketplaces, price search engines, apps and much more
  • Carry out responsive checks
  • Develop new functions such as plugins
  • Manage server and domain hosting in the cloud
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