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Enhance your product data: with Pimcore

In our eCommerce projects, online shops and ERP systems are seamlessly integrated. If you wish to display more product information than provided by your ERP data or sell simultaneously across multiple channels, you need a PIM system. The PIM system assists in managing information for other channels, such as the production of brochures and print catalogues.

Specifically for these requirements, we have developed a PIM system that is perfectly tailored to the needs and processes of eCommerce for SAP. We leverage Pimcore, one of the most renowned PIM systems in the market. Pimcore is an open-source solution. This keeps your PIM project manageable, even when implementing it concurrently with setting up your new online shop.

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At a glance: The most important advantages of Pimcore

  • Already fully integrated into eCommerce for SAP
  • Quick and easy adaptation to your requirements
  • Clear frontend and very good usability
  • Extensive standard functionalities
  • Easy extensibility of product information and attributes
  • Clear maintenance of categories for your online shop
  • Multichannel connection of shops, marketplaces, etc.
  • Creation of print products such as product data sheets
  • Connection to Adobe CI Hub
  • SAP®-certified integration processes

Through extensive experience in integrating PIM systems and with our individual PIM consulting, we ensure the effective realization of your specific concepts. We acknowledge that each company possesses its uniqueness, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success. Through intensive collaboration with our clients and comprehensive consultation, we collectively shape the path to success.

Our consulting methodology includes a thorough analysis of your current business alignment, encompassing product management, distribution, workflows, and other individual aspects. Based on this foundation, we develop a sustainable conception. We view your products as the central core of your PIM project, taking into consideration the requirements of your customers and the competitive landscape. Analyzing external influencing factors forms a solid foundation for the development of an effective strategy.

Our experienced software developers ensure the integration of Pimcore into your IT environment and enhance the existing systems. This enables even more effective management of your product information.

Furthermore, we provide interface programming and optimization services, including customizations to ERP systems and the tailored design of functionalities. Our in-house tool facilitates the connection of various marketplaces, price comparison engines, and distribution channels. You can rely on reliable technical support, as we develop interfaces internally and do not rely on external providers.

If adjustments to the PIM solution are necessary or if you are establishing a new online shop, you don't need to worry – we are here to assist you! If there are any issues, questions, or modification requests related to your PIM project, we are ready to help you with advice and code. Often, it becomes apparent after a certain period of familiarization which areas of a PIM software are particularly crucial and should be adapted accordingly. Lastly, staying up-to-date is essential. Our experts recommend an annual optimization to be able to respond to market developments or internal changes. Therefore, we offer regular reviews of your datasets and, if necessary, software adjustments.

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