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It’s not easy to choose hosting for your website: it’s a very important decision that must be taken with care, as this service represents the foundation of your website or e-commerce. When you call 426, you’ll benefit from a full service, ongoing monitoring and immediate intervention in case of any problems.

Our cloud service optimizes browsing on your website or e-commerce.

The flexibility of the cloud to work anywhere and from any device. With Cloud Desktop, you can take on desktop virtualization by turning your company’s PC and server into a service hosted in our data center. It is a complete virtual infrastructure that can replace all computer systems.

Thoughtless solutions: We take care of everything what concerns: Registration and Domaintransfer, Hosting-Plans, E-Mail, PEC, Dedicated Server, VPS in the Cloud, SSL-Certificates.

The suite of Microsoft applications for creating, editing, and sharing documents in the cloud. We provide all the necessary support for installing, setting up and even training to use different applications.

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