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Optimize your dataset and boost your sales with a Product Information Management System.

_What is a Pim system?

Efficient Data Management: Maintain an overview with PIM.

In the world of e-commerce, experiencing products physically is not possible. Therefore, it is crucial to provide customers with precise descriptions, appealing images, and additional information. The volume of data accumulated in this process often becomes too extensive for conventional shop or ERP systems. With each new product, language variant, and additional distribution channel, the burden of information increases further. Simultaneously, the time and effort required for searching, editing, updating, and publishing this data also grow. 

A Product Information Management System (PIM) enables the centralized management of all relevant data in one place. You always have an overview of which texts and images are currently published. Using a single view, you can identify where information or attributes are missing. Updates can be bundled and executed once for all distribution channels.

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_PIM system benefits

Optimizing data management: Efficiency through PIM Systems

Efficient Data Management

A PIM system enables precise and consistent data maintenance through the centralized management of product information. Employees can easily update and edit information, minimizing errors and enhancing the efficiency of data management.

Sales Optimization

PIM systems assist companies in adapting product information for various distribution channels. Centralized management ensures that up-to-date information is available in online shops, print media, and social platforms. This promotes customer communication and enhances success prospects in sales.

Time and Cost Savings

Automating processes in product information management results in significant time and cost savings. Manual tasks are minimized, and updates can be carried out more efficiently. Employees can focus on strategic tasks, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Consistent information management contributes to an improved customer experience. Customers receive clear product information that facilitates their purchasing decisions. The centralized management of product attributes, reviews, and instructions builds trust and promotes a positive brand perception.

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Akeneo is globally recognized as a leading company in Product Experience Management (PXM) and Product Information Management (PIM). As a proud Bronze Partner of Akeneo, we offer tailored PIM consulting services to ensure the efficient implementation of your unique concept. We acknowledge that each company is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success. Through intensive communication with our clients and comprehensive consulting, we collaborate to develop the key to success for your business.

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Pimcore's PIM system impresses with its versatility and comprehensive features. The central platform enables efficient management of product information, ensuring consistency and precision. Seamless integration into existing systems minimizes errors and enhances efficiency. User-friendliness, powerful features such as versioning, and workflow management make it an optimal choice for businesses looking to organize and share their product information effectively.

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