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The origin of our project stemmed from the specific requirement of Combeenation, who expressed the desire to integrate their successful product configurator into the realm of Shopify stores. Customer satisfaction and adaptability to evolving requirements were central elements of the project. The success of the project is not only based on meeting Combeenation's initial needs but also on viewing the app as a dynamic product that evolves continuously to always provide added value to customers.

_the Project

The Project

We developed a customized Shopify app to ensure a seamless integration of the configurator into any Shopify store. This seamless connection ensures that the configurator is not only easily integrated but also efficiently and attractively embedded within the existing shop environment. We understand that technical complexity can often be a barrier for users. Therefore, special attention was given to ensuring that our app does not create technical obstacles. The usage is straightforward and efficient, allowing even users without profound technical knowledge to easily deploy the configurator. Our commitment does not end with the implementation of the app. The project is an ongoing process where we continuously evolve the app. This approach allows us to be flexible in responding to changing market and customer requirements. Thus, the solution remains up-to-date and can meet the growing needs of Combeenation.

Patrick Brunner · Product Management Combeenation

"With 426, we not only developed an agile and customer-centric solution, but also experienced a partnership that was characterised by their excellent cooperation and committed approach."




With our customised Shopify app, you can create a 3D viewer including augmented reality for your Shopify store with just one click. Log in to the Combeenation platform, upload your 3D model and place your product in 3D on any landing page with just one click. If you also want to present your products in a configurable way, that's no problem! The Combeenation configurator platform allows you to easily create configurators of any level of complexity. This has never been so uncomplicated.


Combeenation is a renowned Austrian company specializing in the development of product configurators. Combeenation's expertise lies in creating customized solutions to meet the individual requirements of each e-commerce company.

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