Good connections, now also online: SAP®-integrated webshop with PIM and payment integration.

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In a constantly evolving business landscape, SERTO aimed to present its complex range online, streamline internal processes, and relieve the sales team from standardized tasks. As experienced software developers, we collaborated with SERTO to address these challenges and crafted a tailored B2B eCommerce strategy. Our services were oriented towards understanding SERTO's unique needs and delivering innovative solutions.

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The Project

The centrepiece of the project was the seamless integration of the SERTO and EXMAR webshops into the SAP system through OXID4SAP. This integration not only automated pricing in the shopping cart but also facilitated the dispatch of relevant documents, such as test certificates, along with the order confirmation. The two shops provide comprehensive product information in the form of a clear table, CAD data, assembly videos, and PDF documents, centrally managed in the integrated PIM system. The connection to the SAP system allows customers to access current and past orders, view purchases, and check delivery dates. The Hose Configurator is a highlight, enabling the customization of individual stainless steel-braided PTFE hoses. eCommerce processes align closely with the established systematics in the company's SAP system, facilitating the setup of automated processes, and the OXID4SAP integration enables real-time exchange of numerous pieces of information between the SAP system and the two shops. During the project, the existing CMS of both websites, and, was replaced by OXID and thus consolidated with the shops. OXID now delivers not only shops but also the company's websites.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Order simulation including surcharges and discounts
  • Real-time delivery schedules, even for international shipping O
  • Order history for both online and offline orders
  • Dynamic retrieval of documents as PDFs from SAP (invoices, delivery notes, orders)
  • PSP integration (UNZER) for credit card payments

Kurt Bolliger | CFO SERTO Group

"As an owner-manged SME, we feel very well understood by our technical partner. OXID, as eCommerce technology, aligns with our needs in the industrial B2B environment. It is forward-looking, continuously evolving, and strategically expandable for us."




Discover the forefront of e-commerce possibilities through Shop-Technology Oxid. OXID4SAP, our comprehensive solution for B2B portals, goes beyond being a mere product. It seamlessly integrates with SAP, providing an all-in-one solution. The OXID Enterprise webshop is equipped with high-performance features and ready-made components, establishing an unparalleled synergy between e-commerce and SAP, opening up new dimensions for your business. Elevate your business to the next level with our expertise at Technology Oxid.


Pimcore's PIM system stands out for its versatility and extensive features. This central platform facilitates the efficient management of product information, promoting consistency and precision. Its seamless integration into existing systems minimizes errors and boosts efficiency. With user-friendliness, robust features like versioning, and effective workflow management, it proves to be an optimal choice for businesses seeking organized and efficient sharing of product information.


SERTO is a renowned specialist in fittings, connectors, hoses, and valves that have been utilized across various industries since 1952. As an owner-managed Swiss SME, SERTO is represented by over 250 employees across 8 locations in Europe and China. Their commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in the successful collaboration during the development and implementation of their B2B webshop.

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